Palm Fruit are the mother of all fruit and is the greatest fruit. Palm Fruit strengthen kidney and smooth digestion, and consume at breakfast time can kill caterpillars. Palm Fruit are nutritious foods, beverages, and sweets. Very good for mature kesehatan.Kurma can calm nerves, relieve tension, anxiety, pressing the wound in the stomach, is useful for the liver, jaundice, a split lip, rich in phosphorus content which helps strengthen bones and teeth, selelozy fiber, helps strengthen and facilitate the process of the stomach and intestines, softening naturally contain vitamin A, helps strengthen the nerves and have an influence on thyroid disease, it is also useful for people with cough, expectoration of mucus, inflammation of the airways, clean the lungs, and cleanse the skin.
Palm Fruit have a large variety of medical benefits, as follows:
- Helps joints and strengthens the body’s uterus during childbirth.
- Being a source of energy, because they contain high levels of sugar.
- Helps cure blurred vision at night, because they contain vitamin A.
- Helps soothe turmoil and anxiety.
- Helps strengthen joints, because they contain vitamin B.
- Helps stimulate appetite.
- Useful for the treatment of anemia, because it contains high levels of iron.
- Therefore, Palm Fruit are also referred to as the “tree of life”, which is the percentage of the palm trees in the world reached 105 million trees. And palm trees reaching up to the age of 105 years.
- Palm Fruit are nutritious food, medicine, healthy, and cure disease.

Benefits of Palm Fruit are:
- Nnot carry bacteria and germs, even the insects contained in the old palm swallowed by the amoeba, and destroy bacteria that afflict humans.
- Palm Fruit seeds powder curing female infertility.
- Eating a Palm Fruit not approached genie.
- Fiber Palm Fruit prevent skin diseases to humans.
- Air Palm Fruit are dimassak and drunk like tea freeing people from grief.
- Palm Fruit are very rich in calories. The palm fruit is enough to keep the endurance and vitality to work in a day.
- Palm Fruit treat anemia because it contains elements of iron and proteins lightweight, ease digestion, and contains vitamins A, B and C, biotin and ripoplapin, and so on.
- Palm Fruit help and strengthen uterine contractions during childbirth because they contain hormones vitocin, which has the privilege of setting the pain of contractions during childbirth.
- Palm Fruit have antibiotics to prevent inflammatory and anti-rheumatic.
- Palm Fruit hard to keep colon cancer and prevents constipation.
- Palm Fruit stimulates appetite, is also a cure for skinny people, facilitate digestion, can also withstand hunger during fasting.
Palm Fruit – limiting the surge nerves arising from the thyroid gland, inflammatory and soothing nerves.
Palm Fruit – commonly referred to as “freezer”, because it contains elements of copper, as osfor, calcium, magnesium, iron, sodium, sulfate (salt origin of sulfur), and chlorine (kalorine, oily liquid with no color).
- Maintain eye of water, strained eyes, especially at night.
- Palm Fruit also relieve blood pressure during pregnancy.
- Eating Palm Fruit before breakfast kill worms / germs.
- Palm Fruit have a good effect to destroy the remnants of toxins caused by assimilation (digestion of food) in the body.