Did you know that avocados are not only the fruit is beneficial? Avocado leaves was also useful to overcome a variety of complaints such as kidney stones, back pain, and hypertension. Here are some of avocados obtained from various sources.
1. Kidney Stones
Take seven fresh avocado leaves, pour half a glass of hot water. Drink twice a day morning and evening, until the kidney stones out.
2. Smooth Skin
Crushed avocado, apply on face and hands are cleaned with warm water for about 30 menit.b. Puree half ripe avocado, then mix with an egg yolk and half a cup of milk. Stir well, and use a cleansing milk. Afterwards use a toner cleanser that suits your skin.
3. Dry Skin
A crushed avocado until smooth, and apply evenly to the face. Use it as a way to rub the mask for 15 minutes. Once dry, wash your face with warm water. Then rub the face with ice cubes. Do it at night before bed.
4. Lumbago
Five avocado leaves boiled in two cups of water to a glass of water to live. Once appointed, embunkan water overnight. New morning drink, do this for a week.
5. Swelling
Take one avocado, mash. Add a little water until mushy, then apply on the body of the sick.
6. Hypertension
Three avocado leaves washed, pour a glass of hot water. After a cold, drink at the same time once a day.
7. Thrush
Stir a ripe avocado with two tablespoons of pure honey. Eat three meals a day.
8. Make Hair black
One avocado mashed and mixed with a teaspoon of lemon juice. Then rub it on your hair, cover with a cap or a towel and let stand for one hour. Next rinse with water and wash as usual.